Happy Friday

Thank goodness it’s Friday!  It will be a long one as I have been awake since 3.  Tiger and Sky woke me up as i could hear them scratch at something (I am hoping it wasn’t the cpap hose) under the bed.  It’s time for me to look under and clean it out. I know I dropped a few things down there and they need to be picked up.

Last night was a pretty good night.  I had my session with Debra and we made plans to meet next week with the agenda to plan for the next few weeks after that (aka during the Holiday season).  It looks like we will have to do a couple of phone sessions as I have an infusion and the following week is Christmas recess and she will be leaving for the holidays after that.

I made the pork roast and it came out very well.  I didn’t really serve anything else with it and I had two sandwiches tonight.   Still have to do the chicken cutlets/breasts soon or they will go bad.

I was pretty sure I would get my coffee order today  but I didn’t.  I am looking forward to it as there is a couple of new Seasonal flavors.  I was hoping to start drinking it tonight for an all nighter but that doesn’t seem to be going that way.  The coffee or the all nighter.

I managed to get the kitchen cleared up and some more laundry done.  I wanted to do more ecards and some book keeping but decided to watch TV.  The Disney Christmas Carol, and the regular shows  and then Polar Express.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one! 🙂  I don’t know about you but it seemed these movies were put at a slightly faster speed.  I get this feeling sometimes when I watch my favorite shows.

I heard from Liz today I actually called her about the theater trip and at that point was just formulating logistics.  By the end of tonight though they were pretty much laid out.  We have to be at her house by 4 and into wallingford by 5 for dinner and then to the play.  This will be for sunday.

I was thinking i could do bingo and go to the wake of my friend’s Uncle but now I am thinking I better cancel bingo for this weekend again.

It was a sunny day today.  Not too cold but not as warm as in the days past.  It did get really cloudy before sun down.  Not sure if it was just part of the sun setting process or not.  It is supposed to be nice all weekend but get even colder than today.  They are calling for snow flurries in the early part of the week and maybe even later on in the week.


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