I was dragging yesterday

I was so tired yesterday from the previous night’s activities (dinner and theater, coming home late) and of course waking up earlier than normal.  I didn’t post much but i did manage to get check in but not do any writing actually that’s not true I did update my health blog.  I didn’t even text my sis or brother. A point Jim made last night via text.

I did hear from Liz yesterday.  She wanted to make sure I had a great time Sunday night.  I told her i did and that I enjoyed being with them all.  Now I just have to find something for her for Christmas.  She was wistful about a few things as well.    I found out later this afternoon she had called because she was in the “neighborhood” and wanted to stop by and say hi.  I called her back before leaving for home but she was playing cards with Chris.

I saw my health coach yesterday and still managed to lose 1 lb of weight.  We will meet  on the 14th instead of a week from Monday.  I am hoping I have lost more and do better with the sweets and the cheese.

Work was good busy but good. I was caught up with all of last weeks work by yesterday afternoon.  I got more before I left for home.  I spent the afternoon opening mail when I wasn’t at the Committee meeting that was not organized.

I originally planned on getting the ingredients for the cheesecake after work but decided I could do it on the way home from the Eye Doctor tomorrow.  I know I have been procrastinating but it really isn’t that hard to do.  It will take an hour and I should be home fairly early.

Tonight I had some more of the Rotisserie chicken and having some potatoes with it.  Actually as i am writing this its in the micro.  I was trying to plan out my dinner to best sort through the calories (since I have already gone over on so many levels).

There is another snow event (sleet wise) coming through the state tonight its raining right now but we may get some snow.  When it snowed yesterday it was already gone from Woodmont but there was evidence all along the shoreline in West Haven yesterday.  I may have to pull out the old boots from the cellar.

On that night since NCIS is over I am going to go to bed….


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