Mid Week Reflection

I was dragging my feet to get ready for work this morning.  I was on the computer this morning since about 6.  Checking the NCIS Forums on their views of the latest episode.  As usual it was mixed.  When is it ever not mixed.  I enjoyed it for the most part.  I don’t like the fact that Quinn thinks she is over the rest of the team and can say or do what say Tim should be doing or saying.  

I thought today was my Eye Dr. Appointment  so I  left early for the day at 12:30.  I thought I was so late and it turned out they had me down for next week!  The way I read the card it said 12/7 and she says they wrote Dec 17.  So with my Blood Pressure rising I headed back to the office for two more hours.  So like I said have to do this all over again next week.

I told a few people what happened and they said it happens and to let it go.  So I did.  I worked on the mail and then started working on the refund letters.  I received another pile as i knew I would.  Eventually it was time to leave.

Before heading to the house i stopped at Adams.  I bought the ingredients I needed and then headed to Subway and ordered the Reuben sub.  I came home put some of the stuff away and brought the cream cheese to room temperature and then had dinner.  As soon as i finished dinner the kitties came down.  I also started getting the ingredients measured out and as soon as the timer went off I got started.

It took nearly an hour to get them all mixed in and this time the filling seemed much bigger and I found I wasn’t able to close the lid full around it and had to smush it a little.  I just hope it doesn’t get Freezer burn.  I do know that i have to get another lemon come Friday.  I had to leave some of the utensils and bowls in the sink as the dishwasher was full and was just being sent through.  Will clean them tomorrow.

Sky was very vocal tonight.  I don’t know why.  Even after I let him go downstairs to the cellar.  He didn’t stay down long but he also wanted to be near me (at least that’s my story and I am sticking to it).  Tiger came down and then went back up and then came downstairs again.  Now they are both sleeping at my feet.

I got some really nice Christmas cards from friends and relatives in the last couple of days.  One in particular I posted to facebook.  It was from Dave and it was a white cat with bows all over the cat.  Another one was from my Niece Jessica and her family including baby girl Santore (due to make her appearance in April God willing).   I haven’t sent any out today.

The week is quickly coming to an end.  I have work tomorrow and the bake sale (nervously chewing lip) and my session with DEbra.  Friday I don’t have major plans except grocery shopping.  Saturday will be Christmas holiday activities including some shopping.  Sunday regular volunteering day.  

Right now though going to bed…


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