Not a lot

The snow for the most part around here didn’t last long.  But it did cause lots of traffic headaches with accidents in different parts of the state.  Luckily I got to work barely on time.  

Work was fine.  Spent the morning working on refunds and the afternoon on the mail.  Will have lots to do for refunds tomorrow.  We have a staff meeting Wednesday morning.  Our holiday party/luncheon on Friday.  There is now ten days until recess begins.

Tonight was the Woman’s Club holiday party.  Everyone brought something luckily it wasn’t all desserts as Dr. t alluded to  the fact that almost everyone was bringing desserts.  We had one of our former Girls club President Nicole F as guest speaker.  She talked about college and being a Veterinarian school person.  She is leaving new Year’s eve for Saint Kits to do schooling down there for a few years. Telk loved her UCONN throw and I got a lovely candle.

When I got home I managed to clean the kitchen, do some more laundry and sweep up the bathroom (it’s really a half assed job but I need to get to bed. )

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