Another Long Day?

I thought Today would  be another long day between work, my union meeting and the Ladies Guild meeting party. At one point I just decided that I will get a veggie platter from the store on the way  home tonight.  I was hoping against hope it wouldn’t be a long meeting because I knew I had things to do.  By the time I left i decided that I was going to stay home and do what I thought needed to be done.  

Work was fine.  Spent the morning doing what I do most mornings the refund letters.  They seem to be ongoing.  I have a feeling within the next few days many of the teams will have had their holiday luncheons.  I know of one area that was last week I think.  OF course the whole department has a luncheon on Friday.  Usually get a nice gift (sometimes useful others not so much).  Actually I read last year’s entry and we got a tote bag…mine is where it has been since I got home from Nancy’s last year.  I have been using it as a storage bag.

The committee meeting was the last one for 2016.  WE have made progress.  Pensions are safe.  We are able to keep our steps and instead of 11 it will be 15.  At small increments.  We also get free healthcare.  A rarity in this day and age..  

When I got home I sent a message to Suzanne from the Ladies Guild and told her I wasn’t feeling well.  I then sent a message to Liz to let her know that I wasn’t going.  She called me back a short time later and chatted with me before going into her meeting.  

Since then I have cooked the roast and made a mess.  I just finished cleaning up the mess in the bathroom and have washed the litter mat.  I will have to finish cleaning the kitchen after my show.

Since i have been home I think I may have seen a fleeting glimpse of tiger.  I have called her a few times and she hasn’t come out.  I am getting a little nervous.


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