Been a few days

Good snowy morning.  The snow came some time after 1 am and it has been going ever since.  Some people say 5 inches and I would have to concur without getting dressed and going outside with the yardstick.  I even took a picture of it and it looks the exact same as last year.Image may contain: tree, plant, snow and outdoor


This week has been so busy I was not able to finish my midweek reflection or my thankful Thursday posts.  Or Do much of anything.


Work was good but busy.  I had been doing mostly refund checks and finally catching up with the mail as my refund persons were both out on Friday.  I had two short days because of dr. appointments so everything seemed to pile up into one day.  We had our holiday in-house party.  It was buffet style and very good.  This year’s gift was  a new insulated lunch bag with the new brand name on it.  We had gotten one a few years back with the old name on it.  This one is much nicer.  Some (mine included) are slightly hard to open at first and to close.  Not sure what that’s about maybe because they were folded up so much.  Supervisor gave all of us a bag of popcorn.  YUM.  I got some lovely cards from co-workers.


I had my eye exam on Wednesday and it took the entire two hours and I was glad I didn’t have to go back to work.  He says I am doing well and the meds are not affecting my eyes in anyway.  I will see him again in June (First day of Summer) for another full on test.


On Thursday I had my infusion and that went pretty well.  The veins didn’t cooperate at first but the third time was a charm.  I chatted with another patient for a bit and then I fell asleep for awhile.  I did have a headache and was glad to go home and sleep afterwards.  My infusions will be back in Milford starting in January.  Back to Wednesdays.  It will be a nice break during the week.  I didn’t do much that night either.


The kitties are okay but being fresh today.  They got up into the attic today and only once did one of them come down.  I have resigned myself to letting them come down on their own and then close up the door like I usually do.  I must not have had it closed right last week that’s why they got up there.  I even opened my old bedroom (I had to to try and use that computer).  Neither of them came down for that.


This afternoon is the Gift Delivery at the nursing home.  I have to be there by quarter of 2 and it should take about an hour and half.  After that I am going to do some shopping.  I still have to finish the kids gift bags.  I still have to get Jim and his kids something and I need to get Liz and Nelson something along with the boys.
I am just so frustrated that the laptop decide to do another update.  It monopolized the entire weekend last week and it did one during the week.  I was spared that until I got home.  I am not sure how long this one is going to last but I have things to do.  I probably could do it on Mom’s old computer.


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