Sun Came out

The sun came out for a short time yesterday afternoon on my way home from the gift delivery.  It went back in about ten minutes later.  When I got  home I had been checking some stuff.

The gift delivery was fine for the most part until we were told socks, toothpaste and combs were not on the okay list. I was so annoyed because it seemed like the list was ignored these things ended up in as gifts but we did a bit of retconning.  I have a feeling I was going to get a call on Monday from Natalie.  I am really glad I kept the letter she sent us.  The two of the things she said were on the list were not.

The rest of the afternoon i was watching TV and did a little laundry.  I have more and will be doing it later.  I had a cheeseburger for lunch and a simplyHealth Smart for dinner.

The kitties both finally came downstairs at two different times and have stayed down and so I have put the chest back firmly.  I had gotten some advice from the cat lovers group that I belong too.   I just let them come down on their own.  Tiger spent the night downstairs and Sky at the foot of my bed.  Sky has been meowing crazily to get back upstairs and now he is quiet.  I think.  I spent some time with him in the spare room and he almost knock over the lamp with the shells in it.  My heart was in my throat.

I had a lovely chat with Mama Joanie yesterday.  She doesn’t get out much except for Dr. appointments.  She does get visits from her grandson and friends of her daughters that come and take care of things for her.  We talked about work, and the contract and recess.

I did order the Baklava for Mama Roberta and Papa Mike  last night I got it from Harry and Dave’s and I think it was a good price it was almost $30 for the actual product plus shipping and taxes.  It came to about $40.00.

The snow is almost melted away on the sidewalks.  I just hope it doesn’t freeze. I am pretty sure one of my wonderful neighbors cleared the sidewalks for me.  It was done when I got home yesterday.  It looks like we will be getting rain for most of next week.  That’s okay we need it.

Well I need to get some cards written out and emails sent and then head out for a bit.


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