I knew it

I knew I was going to get sick for recess.  I have  been coughing and sneezing a lot lately and now I feel blah (aka crappy and anything else that matches).  I promised Liz via text I was going to call the dr. at some point and schedule an appointment.  I took some Claritin this morning and had honey and lemon with Earl Grey Tea last night and took some more Robitussin now.  I am not doing much of anything else.


I also knew when I heard something being pushed that I would find both SKy and tiger in the attic-again.  That’s where they were when I left Monday  morning and where they were when i got home from the Dr. later that night.  I tried to bribe them but they just stayed in their spot by the deteriorating insulation.  They came down when I came from Dinner at Liz’s house tonight and both are sitting on the bed with me. Sky resigned himself to the foot of the bed after he discovered there was more than a bench in front of the door.  Tiger is sitting at my side and looks to get a scratch now and then.  I am going to see if my Nephew Mike will put some sliding lock on it.


Yesterday was a pretty good day.  I managed to go through some old papers and get rid of them and I did some chores that have been bothering me.  The rest can be done tomorrow when Livia comes to clean the house.  She contacted me yesterday and said she wanted tomorrow off.  What was I going to say? So she will be here sometime tomorrow morning.


I got to see Neighbor Sylvia for the first time since her pup pup died.  She is having a hard time for the holidays but  she also wrenched her back out recently.  She is also continuing to make pack for the day she sells the house.  


Bingo went well for the most part.  We had 18 residents and two started fighting when one of them plopped themselves in a spot for someone else.  A war of words erupted and I had to speak to at least one of them one they called the other an asshole.  I told Bob about it when we finished. There were two girls that came from the high school both Seniors and they did pretty well.  They helped with the patient transport with Bob and then I chatted with them before the left.  I let them know I wasn’t going to be doing bingo on Christmas Day or New Years Day.


AFter bingo I headed to the mall to do some christmas shopping.  I didn’t have much time as i was having dinner with Liz and her family to Celebrate Rs birthday.  I headed to TArget and spent about 45 minutes shopping for very little but spending nearly $260 dollars on Gift cards and some children’s stuff.  Made note to myself to try Toys are us sometime this week.


I don’t remember what time exactly I got home but on the way home I had a phone conversation with my friend Nancy about taking care of Preston and Vlad and I told her I could be at the house by Noon the day her husband is leaving and she liked that one as well.  


It is sad I don’t remember what I did before getting ready for bed.  I know that the second movie in the Narnia Trio was playing and I watched part of it as the kitties cuddled on the bed.


On Monday WE presented our supervisor with his Christmas gift .  He thanked everyone and told us that we did very good work this year clearing a huge Credit Balance project.  He left early for the day and I also left a few minutes after.


The Cardiologist isn’t going to sign my fmla papers so I have to send them to the Lupus doctor.    I will have to drop them off on Friday some time.  IF that’s the case I can do more shopping if needed.  Anyway Cardiologist wants me to get some form of exercise.  Swimming, cardio elliptical.  He doesn’t want to have to put me on high blood pressure meds and that will be the case if I don’t lose the weight. I will see him in June.


Monday night my cousin Bill came into town and stopped at Liz’s for the halfway point and so we had dinner together.  Bill’s brother came over for a visit as well so we had a couple of hours of family joking, talking and education.  You may be wondering why Bill didn’t go to his Brother’s and I don’t have an answer for that one either.


I still have much to do for Christmas and that’s what I will be doing tonight I think.


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