This week is about

This last week was about final preparations and celebrating the Christmas holiday.  I went to a few parties and missed a few parties and did some shopping.   It was about being with family for birthdays and just catching up.  It was also about making others feel the holiday spirit with the Woman’s Club annual gift delivery.  Despite some minor bumps it went pretty well.


This week is also about getting doctor appointments in.  I had my cardiology appointment a couple of days ago and other than BP a concern everything normal.  I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and I see my GP tomorrow for this what I suspect is a sinus infection..  For some reason JK seems to think I could be allergic to the cats (not that I asked her for her opinion today) and that I need to find out by tests


I went and did some more shopping for the kids and I think I am done.  I need to find more little personalized  ornaments for the kids.  Other than that need to my sister’s gift.  I still have to mail out Jim’s and the kids gifts but I seem to lose all umpf  by 6.  I am tired and coughing and want to go to sleep.  I don’t think I will be able to do that.


The cats got upstairs again today.  I swear they should have been named Hercules and Xena.  I finally decided that I would put the old typewriter table in front of the door along with the chest.  Sky still tried to move it.  I stood at the door and firmly said no and shooed him to my room where Tiger was..  He is sleeping at the foot of my bed but I will keep an eye on him during the night.  Tiger just took off for parts unknown.  She was very cuddly today.  Kept rubbing back and forth on my legs, sitting with me on the sofa., sitting with me on the bed for a while.  Seriously though I have a “get a hook and lock on the door when it comes time for Mike to take a look at things.


Tomorrow is the last day of work for the next ten days.  My hope is to get things done during my recess before getting to the House sitting during New Year’s Weekend. And the following week.  Where I will be splitting my time between the two houses.


Right now though I think I will try and get some sleep…


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