Another Last Couple of Days post

As you all know I love rainy nights that I don’t have go out.  I usually get into my pajamas and curl up in bed and watch TV or get on the computer or both.  I got to do it last night.  Leaving lots of stuff to do for today.


The kitties ran around like maniacs again.  They were sleeping on the bed a few times last night.  I think my cough spasm scared them.  They came back later.  After that I fell asleep.


Today I got up around 6 and got the cats fed and relaxed until it was time for my hair appointment. I made a stop to the new Dunkin Donuts that opened up by Citizen’s Bank in Orange got a sandwich and then headed to the salon.  Chatted with Marianne, then Karen got me set up and we began the process.  By noon I was finished.  I Have a couple of pictures that just seem to not post anywhere i want them too.  After that I came to see Preston and Vlad.  Sat with them for twenty minutes and then tried to set up my laptop.  Can’t seem to access their internet so will be using their computers.  Probably could just do word processing on mine.  It took me some time to access my sites and passwords.


After I left here I headed to Wal*Mart, picked up some stuff for home, went to Stop and shop to get the rest of the ingredients for the cheese cake.  Talked with my sister she likes the hair change but is worried about the face.  The rosacea showed up in the pictures again.  While I was in Stop and Shop we had a snow squall.  No accumulation and didn’t last long either.


I went back to my house dropped the stuff off.  Put a load of laundry.  Will finish in the morning.  Refilled kibble for the night, cleaned out litter boxes.  Spent time with the kitties and then headed back here.  


Took Preston for his walk and fed them both and we have been relaxing in front of the tv.  Preston did very well today..he said next to me when I got here the first time after about an hour.  He was very cuddly and so was Vlad.  Now he is sitting in the livingroom and not sure where Vlad is.  They both tried to eat my chicken dinner.  I haven’t found the spray bottle for Vlad.


I had a lovely phone call from my great Niece Audrey. She got a new phone today as a reward for great grades.  We talked about school, Christmas, New Years, and had the same conversation with Jason.  He sounds so much like his Father Chris.  


The rest of the night I spent watching TV Saw Twilight Breaking was getting intense near the end..didn’t see all of it yet.  


I am getting tired now.  I really have a lot to do before going to Liz’s tomorrow.  



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