Running behind schedule?

I had these big plans to be up at dawn get Vlad and Preston all taken care until this afternoon and then head back home to get things done there.   Well I stayed in bed until 6 (I didn’t sleep well) then got the boys taken care of. I almost had anxious moments when Vlad walked out into the outer hallway of the apartment I had to grab him and put him back inside.  He wasn’t pleased but I made sure i made it up to him when I got back from walking Preston.  I did manage to feed the menagerie.


The sun was pretty much risen when I got to the house.  I stopped at DD for some coffee and came here. The kitties were waiting for me on the stairs and came to me when I walked in.


I started working on the cheesecake (setting up the cream cheese ) and then I fed them.  They were very vocal at that point.  I got them fed and then started looking at the ingredients and realized I forgot the lemon.  I ran to the grocery store and got the lemon.


When I got home dove into making the cheesecake.  I think it came out well  and I put saran wrap instead of the actual lid so it wouldn’t get mushed.  It did a little anyway but not as bad.  I will just have to get the cones tomorrow and put them on at Dave’s house.


Now all I have to do is finish the gifts for the kids.  Liz tells me all six of them will be there as well as 12 adults.  She was parting her wisdom of how to act with them (no gushing over the cats).  She is acting like I am a social deviant.  I am not sure I want to slap her or tell her off.  Either way I risk damaging the relationship and I don’t want that.  She suggested I also get a card or two for Mike Jr and Nelson 3.  Its their birthdays. I may not stay long as this cough is freaking annoying me.


I also have some laundry to do as well or at least finish what I started yesterday.  I also am going to do the sheets so that Livia doesn’t have to make the bed this week.  Since I won’t be sleeping in the bed.


Tonight will be with the kitty and the dog and anything good on TV (the LOTR movies will be on).  May get something from a restaurant before heading back to the house.


Well to the laundry….

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