The Snow was late

We were supposed to get snow starting earlier this morning.  Thankfully it hadn’t started until I got back home from the CT-Scan..

I was woken up by Vlad this morning because he was starting to get into everything and pushing doors closed and just making a ruckus..  I decided to stay in bed longer and then got up and walked Preston and came back and fed the rest of the crew and came back here.

Both babies were waiting on me (I would like to think) to feed them.  7 is late for them usually.  I also took care of everything else.  I threw some laundry in and all the while the two of them were being very vocal.  I was really worried about Tiger I thought for sure she would be lying dead from eating the ribbon yesterday or the very least it would be somewhere in a pile of vomit..   After serious consideration I decided that I would let sky in the cellar.

When I got home from the CT-SCan I found both of  them in the closet in my bedroom.  I tried to get them out and they were not cooperating so I figured they will come out later.  BEsides I can’t stay up there all day and shoo them out.  It just means I need to get another one of those baby proof locks..

The CT-Scan didn’t take long.  I arrived much earlier than planned and was taken in a short time later.  The valet parking was not bad either..  Very well worth it.  I was home just before 10.

I decided to have an early lunch.  Not sure I will be back here tonight.  I have asked one of the neighbor girls to check in on the babies for me tonight.


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