Doing Odds and Ends

The Sun is now shining.  The streets and sidewalks have all been shoveled or dug out.  It took me awhile to get the snow off the car and even then it’s not all off.  I ended up driving slowly (the ice wasn’t completely off the windshields either) back home.

When I got home Neighbor Don was using his snow blower and so I just parked in front of the house.

The kitties were waiting for me when I got here.  It looked like they were fed regular food last night so I gave them kibble this morning.  Spent equal time with each of them.  Of course Sky wanted to go downstairs, and up in the attic.  He nearly knocked the chair down with his tail.  I fixed it though (for now).  Right now though they are both in my old bedroom sleeping under the bed.

I have managed to do laundry, print up the letter to Missy in California, eat some food, and watch TV.  When I get home tonight I will put the clothes on hangers that I have gathered.  I am really going to try and start hanging and putting things away more.

The one thing I haven’t done but have managed to put it closer to me is the checkbook/binder.  I hate doing this.  But again I will have to do it later because now i need to get back to the menagerie and check on them.  Since both computers are acting wonky I am bringing my crossword puzzle books.

I think I will stop somewhere for lunch too.


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