Nice Relaxing Saturday afternoon

Since my last post it’s been quite relaxing.  I wrote a letter to a pen pal, watched TV, and had a wonderful conversation with Mama Roberta.  I was shocked to learn that a show that Mom and I had watched for years now has new hosts.

When I got home I surfed the net and posted the entries and checked out FB.  i had also been trying to contact Nancy to let her know that I didn’t have my cell phone.  Still trying to find out what time she is coming in tomorrow but she hasn’t answered.

I did send the dishes I had been using this week through the dishwasher.  I was going to do them by hand but realized I could send them through the dishwasher.  I now have more to put through later.

I wrote a letter to Missy C in Salinas and I will mail it out in a day or two.  I will let her know about it too.  I asked her about movies, books, and the holidays and of course the big news of Macy’s closing.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was to write.  I need to apply that to all my pen pal letters.

As I said I called Mama Roberta and we talked about 45 minutes.  We talked about her house being sold, the shooting at the FT Lauderdale Airport, her family, and of course our friends Debbie and Stan.

Roberta says she joined an organization from one of the synagogues.  I think.  I have to ask her again.

I heard from Liz and we discussed health, and the weather, and of course the check book stuff.  Nelson also is sick.

I got an email from Dr. T and the woman’s club newsletter.  She wanted to know if the valentines delivery was booked and I confirmed it.  I also told her about Roberta’s news and the card she sent and returned to her.  As I have written before our meeting is this Wednesday.

As I was watching my PBS shows tonight there have been promos for the America’s Test Kitchen and I found out that there are new hosts.  The  new hosts have been with the show since 2001 (Its Bridgett and Judy).  Apparently Christopher Kimball left the show in 2015.  (God Bless PBS for repeats).  He has started his own project and apparently ATK has sued Kimball  on some stuff that is similar to the ATK and Kimball has issued a statement.  The new show starts this month.

Right now I am watching Star Trek Insurrection.  I know its been on before and I have seen parts of it before but the cast or the characters have been written  rather weirdly.  Apparently this wasn’t the most popular of the movies.

There is another 45 minutes of the movie and I may take Preston out for his constitution.


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