This Week is really Long

I just finished up my house/pet sitting gig on Sunday and I was glad to be home.  My charges weren’t that bad once the week was over.  Vlad was not happy when I took him off the counters or some place like that. He tried to nip me hand or bite my nose. My own critters were very happy to have me home.

I had my CT-Scan done on Saturday before the storm hit but haven’t gotten the results yet.  I called my doc this morning but they haven’t gotten them yet and he doesn’t really discuss it on the phone.  I called Liz to let her know but she was sleeping.  I did get a text from her later on in the day.

After a few days of not hearing from my brother (and after sending messages anyway I could) He replied late last night.  He was fine his phone not cooperating or blocked any more calls coming in.

Yesterday wasn’t the best day at work but by the time I was going home it was fine and seems to be today.  Actually it wasn’t fine until I got home and into bed.  After an issue at work bothered me throughout the day I was glad to be going home.  Until some guy who wanted to know how long I was standing at the bus stop. I was on the phone at the time. I told him not long and I was on the phone.  He didn’t like that at all…as the time passed he walked away from his wife and I spoke to her telling her when the next B5 bus was coming and he started yelling at me and saying I was klansman.   The Klansman.  I was flabbergasted  the other woman there said to ignore him and not worry about it.  So I did.

Tonight I had my visit with Courtney and then I headed to the woman’s club meeting.  For dinner I went to Boston Market.

NOw I am going to bed.


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