Today was my Pajama Day

Do you remember a while back I wrote about spending the day in my pajamas?  How every so often I do it if I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything outside the house?  Well today was that day.

The cats were  all taken care of early and Sky and eventually Tiger were at my feet while I was lying on the bed watching TV.   They were back there by midday and grooming each other.  I still have to clean out their boxes.  I just saw an ad for sift away litter boxes of course there are both kinds of reviews but I don’t think I am going to be getting one.  It does look like it’s too much trouble.    Some of the negative reviews says that you have to place the three trays a certain way or the litter will clump and make messes.  

I finally made some burgers from the chop meat I bought earlier this week.  I made about 4 to freeze and two eat for lunch.  I chopped a garlic clove and the meat, and egg and a cup of breadcrumbs and some mozzarella and seasoning.  I think some of the mixture didn’t get in evenly to all the burgers as much as I tried.  We will have to see when I pull them out again for future meals.

I was talking to Neighbor Don as he was preparing for the snow squall that was coming in the afternoon.  I brought him a piece of mail that got into my mailbox.  At the time I posted it hadn’t started (the snow).

The rest of the afternoon and evening I will work on the letter to Linda in TN and the rest of the laundry and a few other things.

As of last night Optimum and CBS and its affiliates couldn’t agree on the newest contract fees so as a result No CBS channels.  That means I won’t be able to see this week’s NCIS


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