I don’t believe it!

I get online tonight and the first thing on my Microsoft feed is the news that the country’s oldest circus is shutting down operations.  I know I have linked to snopes.com but it was everywhere!  My earliest memories are of seeing news reports of the circus coming to town and doing their march down to the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum.  I am sure i have seen it over the years.

I remember even seeing  what I thought was their winter home down in Florida back in 1977.    According to Wikipedia the Circus Opened Circus World in a nearby Town Haines City Florida in 1973.   MY friends and I were on shuttle bus from our hotel to Disney World and we drove by the place.  I distinctly remember watching the roller coaster.  It was supposed to be the oldest wooden coaster in the country.   Very Sad indeed.

I had a great time at Bingo today.  I got there early and my two HS girls came and helped out.  I called a few of the games and then had them do it for awhile..my voice was starting to go a little too.  There were 15 residents and some my regs were not there.  We finished by 3 and I let Marnie know that I wouldn’t be doing bingo on February 12th.

After Bingo I headed to Petco and got the kitties their food.  It was Vet day and there were a number of people with their dogs.  I saw a mother and son Whippet, a pit bull and black bijon frise’ .  Once I was done I headed home.

When I came home the kitties were still up on the bed sleeping.  This allowed me to get a grocery list made that I will order for Tuesday and get the garbage out.  They eventually came down when I decided to have dinner.  I also refilled their kibble and water.  They ha

I had a late dinner because I wasn’t really feeling great.  I had a doughnut from D&D and a extra Large flavored coffee and I just didn’t feel great as Bingo ended.  I was able to have sesame chicken and popcorn and tea.  I didn’t have the same problems as this morning.

I heard from Livia today she will be here tomorrow to clean the house.  I am really relieved because I am having the district meeting here on Thursday.  I want the house to look nice.  I have to get a specific lightbulb for a one of the lights.    I also need to think about what to have as refreshments.  I know my friend sharon will bringing something.

Well Victoria is on PBS and I want to see this.  I was watching the end of Sherlock and it was weird.  I didn’t quite understand it.  THis program should be interesting.  I saw promos for it last autumn.

Have a great night..


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