Extra Day off

Today is Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday and a Federal Holiday in which we honor the achievements of this incredible Man.  There were celebrations in many places and there was one yesterday at city hall.  We have come a long way but still have much work to do.

Today will be fairly quiet for me.  I do have a Doctor’s appointment at 10:15 in town and LIvia will be here some time after 10:30.  I am not sure exactly what i will do to stay out of her way but that may be moot if she comes at 10.  I do need to go to lowes to pick up a particular light bulb for one of my lamps.

The kitties were at my feet for a little while this morning.  I thought only Sky was but as the room got lighter or brighter there was my princess.  I moved off the bed so I could find a good socket for the charger (really need to get a new one I think).

I went off to my appointment and it was good.  I see him again in April.  When I got home I called the Pulmonologist and was told someone would call me back by the end of the day.  I set up the health blog entries for the next several appointments and as i look at my calendar they all seem to be in April so far.  I know my other appointment book has a few also.

When I got home Livia was here and working on the downstairs bathroom. She was clearly not feeling well so I stayed out of her way.  I went up and stripped my bed and put them in the washing machine and when she asked I told her I would make it.  She finished up stairs and then a little after 12 she left and went home to rest.  I am going to keep things cleaned.  I asked her what she thought.  It was always something I wondered.

I made one of my Meatloaf hamburgers and watched TV.  I have been thinking about dinner now and I have a feeling I will be making spaghetti.  It won’t take long and it won’t be to bad to clean up.

The kitties have been wondering around the house ever since Livi left.  I found it really funny that as I was checking in on them they were both up in the spring mattress and sky actually came out.  

Well I am going to take a nap until the sheets are done…


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