Today there was a changing of the Guard

Today a new employee (according to many online) takes over running the country.  Even though I didn’t vote for President Elect Trump I will respect the office of the President.  I will question respectfully his choices I do not agree with.  A co worker reminded us that all the time.

The meeting last night was well attended.  There was some modifications to reports and we were finished by 8:30.  We also had a social aspect to it.  There are many concerns for the next two elections  coming up.  I just hope that the next candidate for Governor does a better job and won’t be a concern for us as our current one.  The cake I brought from Emerald’s was a huge hit but I still have much left.  I have to write up the minutes still.

I talked with Sis today she was still in town.  They are leaving tomorrow mid morning or early morning and will be back sometime Tuesday.  She expects to be in Florida by noon or so.  She is trying to anticipate Nelson’s comfort level so that he won’t be come sick.

Work went pretty good.  I spent most of the morning working on refunds and then late in the morning mail and got it done until more came but by then I was working on insurance refunds again.

I can’t find my cell phone-again.  I think it may have fallen out of the car today when I got pissed at someone for beeping at me for not turning on red.  I got out and told her to cut it out.  I also signaled for her to go around me.  I know it was stupid but I am not going to turn on red unless I feel comfortable doing it.

I was glad i was home.  I was waiting for a friend to come by and pick up his coat and hat he left from the meeting last night.  AFter that I closed up the house and made some dinner and watched TV.  i also did some laundry and emptied the dishwasher.

Now I am going to bed.


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