It Was Foggy Alright

It wasn’t as thick as pea soup but it will have to do.  I think it was about 40 degrees out (I didn’t get out of the house until after noon.  We are supposed to get a Nor’easter later tonight  Not the snowy kind but just as messy.  I am pretty sure all I am doing is bingo and getting the few items I mentioned yesterday.

I just beat my score of 3071 on the Boatload of Puzzles!  It is now 3973 and that’s after six days of not playing!  Woohoo. Of course it will be less than that if I continue to play throughout the day.

I have managed to do more than puzzles and watch TV.  I did some laundry and got the taxes paid.  I actually wrote the letter up because I am not sure if just sending a check alone would suffice.

The Sun finally came out late morning but didn’t make it that much warmer. It got cloudy by the time I headed to bingo.  The wind picked up a little but not the excessive speed they were saying-yet.  It isn’t as bad as where Liz is though.

Bingo went well.  Sarah was able to come after all.  She had sent some emails earlier in the day indicating she wouldn’t be able to come and but then it changed.  I let her do most of the bingo calling as I was not feeling well again.

I started feeling queasy half way through bingo again.  I am not sure what started it off the scrambled eggs or the third cup of coffee.  I still haven’t had dinner yet and I still haven’t done any cooking.  I slept when i got home.  I have been coughing now and then and took some cough med.  At one point I thought i was going vomit but it passed.

When I haven’t been sleeping I had the TV on for background noise.  For the most part i did some channel surfing and landing on an NCIS:LA Marathon on Esquire TV.

I sent a text to Sis and my Brother. Of course nothing from Jim.  Liz says it was dark and windy in Brandon.  They should be getting rain and thunderstorm and hopefully they don’t get the tornadoes.  Just heard from Liz and they are on the way back to hotel.  They were at dinner.

OMG! Ethel posted one of those pictures that superimposes your face on the picture of any celebrity and she used two WWE wrestlers and the other one had my brother Bob’s face on it…I almost didn’t recognize him!

Sky and tiger spent most of the afternoon in the spare room sleeping or curled up.  AT one point i found them both on the bed looking out the window at something.  They came down to the kitchen around 7.  While they nibbled on the kibble i went and closed the door for the night.  Sky is at my feet again and I suspect Tiger is by the heating vent under the bed.

I found Missy C’s Letter waiting for me at the Post office and I am very excited to answer it but I have to finish Linda’s and Missy’s second letter to me before I do that.  But it isn’t happening tonight.

Now that the garbage is emptied and the dishwasher is being sent through and laundry is done I am going to call it early night.  I may not fall asleep but I am going to try.


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