The Storm came

The storm came just after 6.  How is it that everyone else but me knows it’s coming tonight?? The weatherman says that the tides will be a little higher than usual tonight.  They looked like it when I left the house this morning.  The wind was picking up as I went to the Credit Union this evening.

I was concerned for my family and friends in GA where tornadoes hit the southern part of the state.  Not really knowing how far south my family was I sent them a message and so far Cousin Bill answered they are fine.

I was also checking the weather in Brandon.  It was supposed to have started raining before 11 and the funeral was supposed to be held at 12.  I sent a message just before dinner and she said they were at the hotel.  The services and the whole day was lovely.  BIL was slept the entire afternoon.

This morning was the regular routine.  Everyone was happy when I left.  I left the TV on upstairs for them.  I knew I was going to be  little late tonight and as I figured they were waiting for me by the door.   They did seem a little agitated once the storm started but now they are lying down somewhere.  I was a bit concerned because tiger was lying under the bed and seemed off.  It didn’t last long.  She did get a little playful.

I even left before 7:30 this morning and found the traffic to be unusually light for a Monday.  It most definitely could have been the time i came through.  I am not sure what the highway was like but the side roads were indeed heavy.

Work seemed fairly quiet I spent most of the morning working on refunds and in the afternoon did the mail.  Supervisor was still out from his long weekend and will be back tomorrow.  I understand he got back during the weekend (from his brother).

Tonight I made the pork roast with lots of garlic and Mrs Dash seasonings.  I cooked it for an hour at 350.  I had about five slices and it was delicious.  I was going to have salad with it but the salad didn’t look fresh.

I had to pay a couple more bills (the dental bill and the Oil delivery from last week).  I almost forgot about the oil.  So I believe all the bills are paid or ready to be paid.  Now I can rest easily.

I actually have to clean the kitchen up so I am going to say good night.  I hope you are all well.


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