Way Behind

For some reason i feel like I am way behind in my journaling.  I still haven’t finished Wednesday’s midweek reflection nor have I done my Thankful Thursday posts.  Unfortunately by the time I have gotten home this week I am heading to bed early because I have had a fairly long week (or so it would seem).  I had a couple of meetings this week (all last night).  


Of course something happened this week that disappointed me immensely.  Tuesday afternoon after a few text messages my brother was abrupt and asked us not to include him in personal conversations.  This was my way of keeping my two siblings in touch if they were not doing it themselves.  It had some modicum of success until my brother opened his stupid mouth.


I am a bit behind in my pen pal writing but I usually leave that for weekends or vacations.  Even that may be stretching because Saturday I have my hair appointment and later on I am meeting up with my club to do an environmental project and have pizza.  


I do know one thing… having the pork roast may have been a mistake.  My knee and shoulders have been hurting lately.  I usually  can tell I have had too much salt and even with a small pork roast and the other things I had this week that had little or no salt it’s still affecting me.  I have been taking the medicine but it really hurts at night.  Talked about it with Sis.


I also told her about the house insurance bill that is coming and that sprung into looking over the checkbook.  I told her that Insurance Agent Tom was looking into it.  So guess what I am doing tonight?  Filling in the Checkbook Register.


Work is going well.  I got my FMLA extension notification via email yesterday which is a relief.  It is extended until July 7 2017.  That means that I should start to prepare for it again in June (before I take off for vacation).


We have an area union Caucus next Tuesday from 12-2.  We get booklets that go in depth (at least I think it does) regarding the contract.  IT will also be a question and answer session and my hope is that no one objects to the tweaks that I learned about last week.


Two of TV’s icons have passed away this week.  Mary Tyler Moore died a couple of days ago to complications of Diabetes?  This afternoon found out Mike Connors of Mannix fame passed away at the age of 91 of Leukemia

For those of us who have Optimum Cable we still don’t have any CBS stations or cable stations as they have yet come to a reasonable agreement over fees and what not.  As a result for week two I had to watch NCIS on the computer.  This week’s episode was very well received  in many venues.  


Got good news last night.  The DTC raised $1250 for the scholarship in Mom’s name.  So at Graduation time 4 students will be getting a good scholarship.  I don’t remember what we gave last year.


The kitties are good.  I think Tiger fell out of the spring mattress last night (something must have given out) she is fine.


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