Last night before I went to bed I checked the weather report for today.  Do you know they were saying it was going to snow last night?  IT didn’t.  I checked a few times.  Now granted it could have from the time I actually fell asleep but I didn’t when I woke up during the night.  There was no snow on the ground when I got up this morning in fact the sun was shining.  I did get to watch an interesting video on why it’s so quiet after it snows.  Very interesting (it is sound proofing material and as it melts it lessens). Anyway there is no snow in the forecast for this weekend only clouds and cold winds.


Today is my hair appointment.  I think it includes the touch up to the haircolor.  I am not sure if it is also the trim.  I am not sure if I could have cancelled it to go to the UConn game.


What you ask?  Last week Dr. T asked me to go with her and her family to the UConn final game.  She really wanted me to change my plans because they were going to see the pre-game activities.  It’s also their last game of the season.  I just couldn’t see me changing it for that.


We will be meeting up later this afternoon for the Birdhouse project and dinner.  I am supposed to bring ice cream.  I don’t know how much building I will be doing but I am going to try.


The rest of the day will be laundry and the bookkeeping and letter writing.



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