Computer got updated

Apparently the computer did some updates and now its IE something and I had to relog into my sites.  Windows is completely different.  I don’t have email except through the website.  No calendar (except website).  My scores at the PUzzle site are nil and void except for the ones I started at last night.

I had a great time at the woman’s club activity.  No I was able to get out of the building the birdhouses but I did participate in the eating.  I actually kept one of the girl’s mothers entertained and informed about the club and of course the cats.  I was there until about 7:30 or so.  We talked about the game they attended earlier in the  day.  I did manage to find out that her two california kids have moved around since they both moved out there.

I didn’t do very much last night when I got home.  Set the kitties up with their kibble for the night and went to bed and watched TV.  I didn’t do anything else really.

This morning I got up early and started on the laundry and dishwasher.  I haven’t done much of anything.  I do have to get ready pretty soon for Bingo and stuff like that.  I am not sure if Liz is going to cme tonight or not.  I still have to fill that register up.

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