Going By Fast

I can’t believe it is mid-week already.  I may have mentioned I didn’t sleep well last Tuesday into Wednesday.  Actually once I did fall asleep I was fine it was the hours up to the point of sleep I was emotionally charged up.

The conversation with my sister was still on my mind and made me just want to make sure I don’t make mistakes and keep a better eye on the finances.  I mean I have been fine with getting bills paid.  Being more organized.  To be able to plan for future things. Such as the new charging adapter cord for the laptop, the HD TV, and a trip.  Now the washing machine has to be included in that.

I went to Home advisor and then made a call to one and then started getting calls from people and went with one repair person but I am thinking I should have asked for more quotes first.  Instead of going with whomever called first.  I did talk to my BIL and he also recommended this particular person as well.  So I am taking tomorrow off from work.

The computer was also on my mind.  I hope I will be able to find the cord I need without have to by the entire thing (I guess it comes in two parts).  The kitties avoided me that night until we all settled down (and I made sure they were okay).  I have had to use the PC in the bedroom until I get this taken care of.

We got our new pay increase in our checks this week.  It will be helpful for things I think.  Especially all that’s coming down the pike including the revised House insurance payment due next month and the repairs and the new TV.

I am really looking forward to meeting up with Siduri* this weekend.  We have made plans to go to BAC.  It reopened last autumn but we hadn’t a chance to go.  J



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