Home Today

I am home today waiting for the washing machine repair man to come.  He is going to be here between 11 and 1.  I finally took the sheets out of the washing machine but made a bigger mess.  I put them in one of the old Litter Containers and the water went everywhere.  It got me to thinking maybe it’s time I went and got another laundry basket.  I actually don’t have any around anymore.  I don’t normally use them as I am afraid I will fall down the stairs with it in my hands.


Since its not snowing or raining out yet. I do know I have to clean out my car before I meet up with Tina tomorrow.  Its got the normal papers on the floor (garbage) and the food carriers in the back.


Once the repairman finally leaves I am heading to the store to get the TV.  It is a great price and I want it this weekend (no not for the game) I am just tired of the sound not working.  It’s going to be from BestBuy and its an LG 49 inch LED 1080p smart HDTV Black.  (I hope).


Although I just discovered that two channels (one I don’t get to see very often and the other one I watch frequently) Esquire and Cloo both left the airwaves as of yesterday.  Its where I get NCIS and its Franchise.  They are both owned by NBC.  It would explain why they added it to Oxygen channel this winter.  I am hoping this means that the channels I have seen advertised get to come on Optimum and I can see channels that I don’t right now (and won’t have to pay extra).


Oh and as of today the negotiations between CBS and its affiliates with Optimum and its parent company Altice are still going on.  Every day the messages are still the same.  They encourage customers to go to CBS Access and watch their programs there.


NCIS:LA fans and viewers alike will be able to see what seems to be a much anticipated memorial to the later Miguel Ferrer in March.  It was announced last week the tribute to the actor who lost his life to Cancer last month would air in March.  I am sure they will do an excellent job as they did for Ralph Waite on the mothership.


I heard from Jim last night he tells me he has a cold.  Yuck.  I know that feeling.  Not sure if he went to work yesterday or not or if he is going to go during the weekend.  I will check in with him today.
Right now though got to get ready for the repairman.


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