What an Incredible Week

This has been an awesome week.  Late last week I had to do get my 10-year-old washing machine fixed.  It wasn’t as bad as I was fearing but it brought to mind just what I can wash and not wash in this thing.

I also went out and bought a new TV.  So I am back in the 21st century.  I went to Best Buy and got my LG 49” HDTV smart TV.  I had some issues with them on scheduling (they were willing to change times for my sister but not me kind of thing).  It came on Monday earlier than the scheduled time and they said that I needed the HDMI cable.  This irritated me because all of this should have been told to me by the Blue shirt.  My sister shouldn’t have had to go to Wal*mart to get one.  Now that it is in its rightful place I love it.

On Saturday it was a really fun day with Siduri.  We met at Starbucks across from the British Art Center and had coffee for about an hour and talked about work, union, and life in general.  We then headed over to the Center and saw the exhibit “Enlightened Princesses; Caroline, Augusta, Charlotte and their contributions to the Modern world whether it be in arts, politics, etc.  I knew as I was reading the captures next to the pieces there was so much I was missing as I read them.  By the end of our visit we vowed to return to see what we may have missed.  I know I have extended an invite to both my siblings.

After our visit to the BAC we had lunch at Zaroka Bar and Grill around the corner.  We had been there last spring when we met.  IT was fun.  After lunch we walked to various stores and ran into a woman with a sign on her back about Trump.  She explained there was a rally/march later that day and planned on going.  We decided to go.  So while we waited for the rally we walked around some more.

Some of the places we stopped at were the Elm City Market.  It was beautiful and big and of course clean.  I don’t know long it’s been open but it would be a place I would go.  There was a café of coffee and sweets.  That was on Orange Street and it was wonderful.  It felt so different on the weekends then driving by them during the week.

We also stopped at this Art Store where I bought a few things such as my very first Adult Coloring book and supplies, and a paint by Numbers of a pride of lions.  I managed to start on the Adult coloring book but not the PBN’s yet.  That will be for a day like where I don’t have to go anywhere (which could be sooner than I think).

Soon it was time for the rally.  We met in front of City hall in New Haven (I took a couple of pictures) and then speakers started.  We stayed for an hour by then it was starting to get a bit chilly and we had been doing a lot of walking.  Even though it didn’t bother me yet.  We later found out that rally turned violent with the police.  They ended up blocking the traffic on Route 34.  Now there are conflicting stories emerging about the delay of an ambulance.

Sunday was pretty a normal Sunday.  I did the bingo (I was actually late), and ordered groceries that came on Tuesday.  Watched my Sunday night programs. I also did some cleaning here and there.

The beginning of the work week was pretty good.  It was a regular week busy as all get out.  Monday night I was excited to find my new laptop Charger in the mailbox.  I have been trying to catch up but all I did is surf the net.

Tonight is the woman’s Club meeting. We will be discussing the upcoming activities including finishing up the Valentines and the birdhouses.

The weather has been mild but that’s all supposed to change with another Nor’easter.  They are saying up to 18 inches.  Many in the office including yours truly are expected to stay home tomorrow while this storm comes through.  I have already cancelled my appointment with Debra for tomorrow night.

I better get back to work…shhhhhhhh



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