I got my Snow Day


Well I got my snow day. It started sometime after 5. I didn’t think it was snowing at all but once I took a second look it was coming down pretty hard. Been in touch with my FB friends and commented that it hadn’t started. I recanted. By the end of day it stopped but very windy. In some parts of the state power was out and was expected according to the news reports this morning.

I have been in contact with Siblings. J went to work while L snuggled in her PJ’s and doing some cleaning. Something I will have done by the time I post this. I took my time with it.

While I was watching TV today I noticed that we are getting a new channel (one of the CNN channels was moved to a higher number about a week ago) it would explain why we lost NECN it’s supposed to be a 24 hour news channel. Not sure why when we have CNN.

As of February 20 Esquire channel will be going off the air. I knew this because of discussions on IMDB and few other forums. Not sure what will be going on that channel designation. I am hoping it’s some of the channels that other providers offer or other packages from Optimum. It would explain why Stratford gets the CBS stations and we don’t.

Neighbor Don has done an awesome job at getting my sidewalks cleared. Will have to go to a local restaurant and get a gift certificate for them.

The woman’s club meeting went very well. We had a number of thank you notes from the places we contributed to with donations. Dr. T made a third sunshine basket for the two Syrian girls that were caught up in the Travel ban last week. This was the family of the Restaurant worker that many organizations including DTC were supposed to help. I digress.

Anyway, the rest of the bird houses have been completed and will be distributes to a number of elementary schools around town. We received a request from an additional school so the girls who will be delivering the houses will be doing a presentation as well.

Dr. T also told me later (after the meeting) that the Dr. Helen Langner Scholarship search is going on. She told me a number of the applicants didn’t even know who the person was when asked. Who is she you ask? She was one of Milford’s finest citizens. We have been giving out a scholarship in her name for nearly our entire existence.



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