Snow came as predicted

Well it seems the weather people are getting it right this time. They predicted the snow would start at 7 and I just started noticing flakes about 10 after the hour. It is supposed to snow all morning until about 1 and then be a wintery mix of rain and snow aka sleet. I don’t know why they wouldn’t call it that.

There was some question about going to the lunch in Fairfield because of the weather.. This was the alternate plan since the party was cancelled. Liz called late yesterday afternoon after her nap. Apparently Niece’s family backed out completely from any of the activities because they would have to come down from New Britain. They have the Winter Storm Warning for that area.

After a round of text messages of uncertainty it was decided that we would try it. It was snowing pretty hard and getting deeper. I met up with them at their house and we left a little after 11 and got there sometime after 11:30. We watched a movie and then eventually ate. It was fun despite some conversations I had with Sis that I wasn’t happy with. I told her I signed up with Meetup site and I am attending the first meetup. She was asking all these really (admittedly) good questions but also warning me that it could be dangerous. When I interrupted she asked me to let her finish. You aren’t my MOTHER! I told her that Mama R and Sister M have done meet ups. She seemed pissed at me for the rest of the day. She even criticized me for being hyper. Then don’t invite me to come to your family functions if you are going to tell me how to eat or speak.  BIL tried to give her signals. I thanked him later. We did have a hard time getting out of their street but eventually came back to Milford and by then it was just raining and sleeting.

I was hoping that we didn’t have to go to the Ansonia Nursing Home this afternoon when it was worse. Before I started getting ready I called Dr. T and spoke with her about it and she gathered I wasn’t going to come after I told her that we were heading to the party. She just said watch for the emails. But she said she would go herself if no one else did. As it is I didn’t get home until maybe three.

I read a blog entry from Maine. This particular blogger talked about the last storm that they had (probably the one on Thursday) and I loved reading about it. I also enjoyed the hiker’s guide to Bangor Maine. They will be on my bucket list especially the restaurants.

I got a 4th District Meeting reminder for Friday. I am glad it’s on Friday because I am going to that Meet-up in Devon on Thursday. We probably will talk more about the activism goals we have as well as getting candidates to come forward for the upcoming local elections.

Since I have been home watched TV played with the kitties who are waiting for me now, and had dinner and did some more laundry. I also did some web browsing.

What did I see you ask? Well I wanted to see the reviews of Meetup and the first site I came across was Site Jabber and I really hope I won’t be sorry. You can see for yourselves and tell me if I should not even attend these things I have signed up for.


2 thoughts on “Snow came as predicted

  1. I scanned a few of the comments in the reviews section of the sight- as far as I can tell, most of the negative reviews had to do with a perceived leftist criticism. Being a leftist, that would be more of an enticement than a warning, to me. I would try it, but then that’s me.

    As for your sister, every family has someone like your sister. I let my sister say her piece, but make my own decisions.

    • I didn’t even think the reviews had anything to do with the #resist movements but all of the organizers.

      I think you are right about letting her say what she needs to and in the end I will probably do it and if I don’t feel comfortable then I won’t attend the future ones.

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