Valentine’s Day 2017

It was a beautiful chilly and sunny day here in New England. Love is abounding (somewhere). I got a lovely e-card   with kitties in them from Liz last night. I sent her one this morning and I sent one to Dr. T when she sent me one on Sunday. I still have to send one to Jim.

Work was pretty good. I managed to get in on time and mailed out the refunds I had been working on the last few days. I got more to just batch and mail out for someone else and that I started on near the end of the day. We didn’t receive the health logic deliveries for two days and I am guessing it’s because of the weather up north.

I made my donation to the Power ball pool and hopefully we will get the numbers before Tomorrow. I guess they are culminating that as I write this. Good luck to my fellow lottery players. I am thinking I should try it on my own sometime. I tried to look up the site and had instructions but got virus warnings at work. :o(

My pea pod order came just after 8. I was really afraid it wouldn’t get here until 9. I think I would have a few irate neighbors (and besides that’s when I go to bed myself). I was a little worried the delivery guy would have a problem with the sidewalk but he was fine. The only thing is didn’t get exactly what I ordered. I ordered 9 small steaks and got 3 large size steaks. I asked for 3 tomatoes got two. I have already started a list for next week (a little pathetic I know).

My schedule got changed very quickly today. My infusion was moved to Friday this week at 10:30 in the morning. My hope is to be able to come back by 2 and work for a couple of hours. So now I will be able to meet with Courtney tomorrow afternoon before the Rally tomorrow.

Thursday’s schedule hasn’t changed at all. I have gotten more alerts for the meetups having to do with health and wellness. Acupuncture? There are a whole bunch of others but they are at times and dates I can’t make. As it is I have been getting some feedback from some people I have told. Both good and bad.

Friday’s schedule may be a bit tough with the infusion and going back to work. I am going to try it. If I don’t get really sleepy I may just come back to work after the future infusions. I mean I have seen where other people do it. I don’t know kind of infusions they have but I have notice that those who work go back to work. Although there isn’t any point if I get through at 3.

Of course the 4th District is that night which will allow me to rest up for it before going. The Vice Chairman of the DTC sent out an alert that one of our members lost his father and the arrangements are for tomorrow. Actually the man and his wife (State Senator Gayle) are really good friends of mine. I wish I could go but it’s in Hamden and during the day. I better get a card to them.

Tonight is the back to back NCIS and NCIS: NOLA cross over and I have to wait to see it after midnight or least this weekend. So far the reactions are pretty good on the newest fan board. On the soon to be closed site discussions are still about why the site is doing away with the forums. The newest one I joined last week is phenomenal.

Over on Facebook. Someone commented as to why there are almost every other post is Bull related on NCIS. I whole heartily agree. It is an NCIS site not every bleeping show and project the cast is in. It is the same way over on LON as well. They added a Bull forum among the NCIS but they don’t have a NCIS: NOLA forum. There is nothing on focusing solely on Cote or Sasha or even on Muse Watson or Lauren Whatsherface (Jenny Shepherd). I even made mention of it. There were others who really didn’t want a Bull Board either but they were outvoted. It seems most of the focus on that show.

The kitties are doing their own thing. I let them in the cellar for the day of course they were upstairs when I came home. Sky wasn’t happy when I closed the door for the night. He spent the night upstairs while I was in the living room.  I think I am going to call the vet to ask about Sky rubbing his cheeks against everything (she says to keep an eye on his gums) and he seems to be crying a little. Tiger came down a bit ago and seems fine. They have been down here a while and now that it’s getting late we will go up soon.

I am putting off emptying dishwasher and the laundry until tomorrow. I am just tired.



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