The weather

This weather is messing a lot up.  I just received work (the health logic) from Friday.  I still have three more days’ worth heading my way and I hope it doesn’t all come at once.    Like on Friday when I have my infusion.  That’s when I have a tendency to panic and get overwhelmed and don’t always ask for help.

The weather almost cancelled out the birthday party for Alex last weekend but we went anyways for hotdogs and dessert.  Getting there was slightly tough but it a bit scary when we left.  Snowbanks and the like.  By the time we got back to Milford most if not all the snow that fell that morning was gone.  According to current weather reports we are not getting any snow but rain likely.  Oh the gathering itself was fun.

I signed up with and have a meetup tomorrow night.  I am a little nervous but as many have said sometimes you have to take risks.  There are some others coming up that I don’t know if I want to do after all.  It all depends on a few factors such as the weather, health, schedule.

Over all work is going well and busy.  We have a union rally to support Local 33 in their election for next week.  Campus wide the old Calhoun College will be renamed after a Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, Retired.  As a result of the announcement Journalist Geraldo Rivera resigned as Fellow of the college (shakes head in bewilderment).

I am meeting with my health coach this afternoon.  I am not expecting a lot of weight loss this week but I would like to think I was mindful of what I was eating. I am supposed to be walking at least 3 times a week during my breaks.  Can’t say as I did that this week.

I have no idea what I did to my arm but I can’t seem to lift it over my head and this one is the right one.  I will have to take Tylenol until it resolves itself.

All in all a pretty quiet week…


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