Today will be catch up day

Today being President’s day is a Federal holiday which means the roads were light in traffic (yay), schools were closed for winter break, Federal offices and State offices were closed and that included banks and post office.  Of course there will be stores having their President Sales.  I just have to wonder how well they do.

I worked on the refund checks to mail out and then whatever mail I have.  My hope is to get the readdress/junk mail all done and ready for the next batch to come in. It was fairly quiet around the office today.  I am not sure how many people had taken today off.  I know everyone in my row was here.

Apparently we won a little in the last Powerball pool and have another one going around.  Of course I got in on it but I don’t know How much longer I am going to do it.  It’s been $5 to get in on it.

For mid-morning breakfast chabani yogurt cherry flavor, and coffee. Lunch was Grilled Chicken salad w/balsamic dressing and strawberry shortcake cup and milk.

I ordered my groceries and was surprised I was able to get the time I wanted for tomorrow night.  At least I won’t be late for it this time.

I need to pick up a sympathy card for friends who lost his father.  It will be on behalf of the committee.  I had promised to do it by Friday and was unable too.


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