With So much beauty

The sun is shining and it is beautiful out and we had to wake up to such sadness.  There was an amber alert out for a six-year-old girl in Bridgeport who was taken by her father as of last report they were heading to NY.  This was after there was stabbing at the home of the girl.  By the end of the morning the Girl had been found and father in custody

Work is quiet spent the morning doing refunds (I got here fairly early).  We will be having cake for MD who is retiring as of next week.  I guess there won’t be an official dinner (I am finding that more people don’t want a huge dinner).

Grad students in nine strongest departments elected for the union to come in so now local 33 is on campus.  Can the university appeal? Probably.  Time will tell.  I think eventually all the other departments will eventually vote on it.

There is going to be a new Dean of the law School. It was announced earlier this week that Heather Gerkin the J. Skelly Wright Professor of Law will replace Robert Post who is stepping down after 8 years.  In the press release President Salvoy listed Professor Gerkin’s accomplishments and thanked Dean Post for his work and the search committee for doing such a great job.

The annual workplace survey is out and available to take until Mid-March like I have time to be doing a survey.

Still have to contact tech support for the security program for the laptop.  They are only available until 6 M-F.  I noticed they took the money. I have also been watching to see if anything “hinky” is going on but it hasn’t.

Tonight the Hobbit movie and the “five armies” it was on earlier in the week but I couldn’t stay up and watch it.  I plan on it for tonight.

I haven’t seen any Meet-ups that interest me—yet. But I will be looking for some.  I talked with Mama R and she usually goes to “dinner meet-ups” and she says if it doesn’t feel right then you can leave.  I told her I would send her all the ones I signed up for.

IF I don’t go to the one for tomorrow I am going to be do some cleaning.  Not a whole lot as Livia comes next week.


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