Didn’t have to wear a coat


It is now just before 5 and LOTR Return of the King has started its second hour. There is just about three hours left before The Battle of the 5 Armies (did I mention that already?). Bro was glad to know these were on today.

I was quite glad I didn’t have to wear a coat this afternoon. I wasn’t out in it long but it felt nice. I can’t say that now it is 40 F and the sun is setting in the west and the gray clouds look cool.


I couldn’t withdraw money from the Credit Union today. I don’t know why. I am going to call them tomorrow and find out. There is no problem with the balances that I could see. For a minute I thought maybe someone hacked into any of my accounts but it didn’t happen. It could have been the ATM itself. I just have to be sure to have cash tomorrow night.

I did get the gift card for the “kids” gift tomorrow. Now all I have to get is the card to put it in. I didn’t go to the card shop yet. I will do it tomorrow while at work. My reason for not going today is fairly lame I admit. It was because I stopped for lunch and had the chicken in my car and I was getting hungry.

I did stop at the post office but all I had was Shop Rite coupons the same exact one I got at home in the mail Thursday or Friday. So I tossed it. I was expecting the Box fee statement because it will come due again soon.

After I ate I took a rest and played solitaire. The bedroom became blindingly bright. So I just closed my eyes for a bit and l watched the movie some more.

I got up after a while and found the kitties together on the spare bedroom cuddled up. They were there for most of the day today. There were a few times each of them spent some quality time with me. I have let them down the cellar a couple of times. Now they have been running around the house.

I have received a few more Meetup alerts one or two of them are something I would do (20 something bowling yeah I know I am twice the age and then some). It is during the week and on a night I have the ladies guild. Then there were some party meet-ups as well.

Well I managed to fold or hang most of the clothes that have been washed I am waiting on one small load and then that’s it for the night. The dishwasher is empty and almost filled again. I just didn’t want to rush around tomorrow cleaning some things when Livia is supposed to come tomorrow.

I moved the box that held the new TV downstairs after having it in the living room for so long. I was getting tired of leaving it there and of course I thought it was going to be heavy it wasn’t and it really wasn’t that awkward to get down to the cellar for the next bulk pick up.

Finally all of you watched Original People’s Court  from the 80’s or 90’s Judge Joseph Wapner died this morning he was 96. I remember watching it over the course of 10 years on and off. I guess I wasn’t ever a big “reality TV” fan back then either.


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