This is why I don’t

I understand there was a screw up on the Oscars last night. It has been talked about on social media and the news. This is why I don’t watch it or any awards programs. First of all I think it was very stupid on the part of the people who handed out the cards to the celebrities and I think they should have checked it before being announced. You are probably going to say “it’s live” but it’s unprofessional and wrong. I am pretty sure these people all partied before going and they should stone cold sober. It was awkward to say the least. I can’t believe it they have mentioned the damn mistake three times in the time I watched it.

Livia didn’t come today she had a Dr. Appointment this morning. So she will come tomorrow. I am so looking forward to it.

Work was good busy from the moment I got there. I worked on the refunds most of the morning and then in the afternoon the mail. I do have some refunds to mail in the morning and more mail to get done but it will first thing in the morning.

I called the Credit Union and explained the situation to them and she put me on hold to look in on it but it took too much time (ten minutes) and decided I would go to Walgreen’s later on and get money from their atm. I had no problems.

I did get some really funny and appropriate cards today. There was a Dr. Seuss one for Jen and Chris and of course I hope a funny one for my cousin RAH. Then the one for the Senator and her husband about the loss of a father, I also got some treats. The cards and the ticket were mailed on the way home tonight.

The party tonight was great I got home just before 10 and I met a lot of Chris and Jen’s friends and family. I am not overly impressed by her parents. I was thrilled to run into some of my cousins. The food was finger bar food which was okay.

Well I need to get to bed.



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