Mid Week Reflection

Last weekend was fairly quiet and lazier than expected.  The Nursing home had a Flu Outbreak and lockdown so I didn’t do bingo this weekend. Did a lot of sleeping and vegging out in front of the TV.

Monday was a bittersweet day.  In the morning we welcome Baby Girl Mia into the world and said goodbye to my nephew C and his fiancé J who were off to South Carolina the next day to start a new chapter in their life.  My hope is my visits to NC will include a trip to SC to visit them and not wait until they come here.

I found out that my late Brother’s son John who is a medic in the Army is being transferred to Alaska in the near future.  I don’t have all the details but I am hoping I can call him and find out.

Tuesday Several people fell ill over at the main Building of the Med school. They are linking it to a Keurig’s coffee maker.   The rest of the week was quiet in the office.  It is month end at work which means same old routine.   As of Last week we have an additional union on campus.  It is Local 33 the grad students in nine strong departments voted to have a union.  Sometime in the future the rest of the departments will have an opportunity to vote.   As usual there are some nice things going on around the campus from the Libraries to concerts to lectures to Museums.  We will have a First Female dean of the Law School.

Today begins the Lenten season in the Catholic Church.  I don’t follow in its strictest sense.  Sometimes I eat meat on Friday’s I don’t attend the all the services there are in the church.  It is usually a time for me to renew goals and tenets that I have for myself.

The weather has been mild to cold this week currently foggy and we should be getting some rain soon.  I understand the end of the week is supposed to be snow.


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