Still having the debate

This morning I got an email from Sis about blind date that went horribly wrong.  Of course a few days ago I went online searching for articles about personal experiences people may have had with and they were positive ones.  I also talked with a neighbor who uses and she has positive experiences. I sense this will be a continuing battle.  I am trying hard to respect her views and to follow the assertiveness steps I found the other day.  OF course if you heard me this morning you would think I wasn’t doing it very well.

To make it worse my ankle and heel were acting up and if I moved in any direction it would hurt even more.  My reaction to it may have inflamed the feelings I already was having.  So the ankle and heel have been a challenge to walk around today. I don’t think a doctor can do anything about it.

I am very happy that I found my latest coffee/tea order waiting for me when I arrived home last night.  I think I am pretty well stocked for a few weeks or until the next promotional gig comes up.  I also had gotten my grocery delivery just about 7 last night.  The roasts I just put in the freezer as they are.  As well as the fish.

I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner and about an hour later I finished off the chicken.  I had some coffee with it too.  I think for tonight I will cook one of the roasts and make sandwiches out of them for the rest of the week or so.

I watched Independence Day last night it was good but I think huge chunks of it were taken out but pieces I may have missed before were included this time.  By the time it was over I was on my way to bed.

Tonight I meet with Debra and we will catch up on everything .

Tonight is finish laundry for now..


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