Another Pajama Day

It was sunny and in the 20’s in the morning and it stayed like that until noontime when it started to get overcast.   I am glad I didn’t have to go out at all today. I made it a pajama day. It was windy for most of the day. It doesn’t look like we will be getting any snow or rain for the weekend but we were getting severe weather updates for wild fire hazards throughout the day until Sunday morning. I can understand that the wind has been very strong I think.

I got up just before 6 much to the chagrin of the kitties. A couple of times Sky jumped on the bed and sat over me until I got up. Tiger circled the bed a few times and meowed. I did our daily routine and then laid down on the couch and watched TV for a bit. I watched or listened to Music Choice channels.

I finally got the clothes folded and put them away and the rest is almost finishing up right now. I have a few things to put away and straighten up.  I did some other stuff as well.

I finally called Mama Joanie this morning.  She was in the middle of showering and she has a caretaker to help and I could hear her say “I haven’t heard from her in a long time”. Huge guilt trip. It was nearly 5:30 when she called back and we talked for nearly an hour. We talked about family, health, work, and friends. It was really a good talk. When the call ended we made promises to not take so much time before calling each other again. I could have sworn I talked with her in January.

Spent the afternoon watching various programs including the second part of the Little House episode that kills off Alice Garvey and Adam and Mary’s Baby. I think this was the beginning of the writing out of Melissa Sue Anderson’s Character.

While watching the show I ended up making the pork roast that was frozen. I had some of it late in the afternoon as a sandwich. I cooked it for almost 2 hours. It was delicious. I won’t be eating anything else tonight. Still haven’t done anything with the Ground beef.

The kitties came down for an evening snack just around 7. I think they heard me put the kibble out because first it was Sky and a short time later Tiger came down. I opened the Cellar door so they could go down for a bit. I was going to let them to their own devices but decided to stay up and keep them company. They spent most of the afternoon again upstairs sleeping. I was going to curl up in bed and watch TV until I fell asleep but decided to stay down and keep them company.

I am going to spend that time with the kitties…J





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