Was it really a quiet week?

Every time I write this reflection I have to think about the previous week’s activities and most time I keep saying it was fairly quiet. Well it may have been quiet but it was actively quiet.

Work was drawing to a close with no huge issues that I was aware of except how quickly the incident with the Lab had disappeared from the media. If you recall a few people passed out after have water from a Keurig’s coffee maker. It was not the issue. According to reports Sodium Azide were found on items that can cause the symptoms that caused people to pass out or get dizzy. Some cynics and theorists would like to say it was a spill of some kind and was quickly hushed up.

There was a Workplace Survey that came out last week and almost daily we have been reminded to take time and take the survey. We are even being enticed with snacks this coming Thursday. We have until the 12th.

I told you yesterday about the news we received about the move that’s now been placed on hold. I am getting the feeling that no one was surprised because they knew this was coming. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but I am disappointed.

My Nephew and his lady made it safely to North Carolina and is settling in pretty well. There was a change in housing arrangements so for now they are staying in a hotel until something comes up.

I was “stalking” my nephew J and his wife via phone late in the week. It felt like it to me. After finding out they will be transferred to Alaska I wanted to catch up with them. They haven’t returned any messages or calls. I suspect they are busy for a young couple so I really don’t want to bother them. I have left messages now it’s their turn.

It was fairly quiet in the community service world for me last week but this month will change soon. The Ladies Guild starts up this month and we have a couple of things coming up for the spring. I really missed that the last couple of months.

The woman’s club has a meeting tonight and we have a few things going on this month as well. They would be the Creative Writing contest (probably winding down soon), Dinner at the homeless shelter in a couple of weeks and fashion show (can’t remember when that is).

There have been a few meetups that have popped up but still haven’t done them yet but there are more coming up that I really might do. It hasn’t been part of the discussion with my sister since last week.

The weather has been mixed this past week. Windy and cold and mid-week rain and later we will be getting snow before the weekend starts.

I was a little concerned this week as I thought I was having a few minor “light headedness” and I wasn’t sure what was going on. I do see the Rheumatologist soon so I will tell them about it.


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