Funny Story for Thursday

I got a call from Sis last night on the way home from her meetings and she had driven by the street and so she decided to call me. She wanted to know how I was doing and I asked if she had gotten my texts. She said no.  It turns out I have been sending text messages to the house landline!  HEADDESK!

We talked about getting a new cable provider as she is tired of the one we all seem to have.  She encouraged me to take a look at it as well.  It is Frontier.  I don’t remember the price she quoted me for her but it might be a little more for me.  She wanted me to look at some package that I currently have and see if it is good idea.  Everyone around here has been shocked at the prices Comcast has raised.

The meeting went very well.  It was quite busy from the get go.  The girls were all given a job to do.  Some of them had to put the final touches on the bird houses and the rest had to fill out their intro cards for the fashion show.  We had to change a few dates for the meeting in April and in June.  Still no info on the status of the club yet.

My session with Courtney was good despite the 2 lb. weight gain and I knew it was going to happen as I look back at the last week of the food and exercise.  We added an additional day of walking/exercise during the week.

Caught up with Mama R last night had a good talk about an hour’s worth.  We talked about the weather, family, and the meetups, and stuff here.  She says she still gets a little down because they are so far isolated.  They are still making plans for their trip North.  It looks like Papa is coming too!

I had a tough time sleeping last night.  The way I was sleeping bothered my neck and shoulder.  The kitties slept with me last night.  Anyway tried several positions…may have to sleep on couch or fix the pillows.

I decided to cancel my session with Debra today because I have a headache again and the neck ache and I am feeling a tad achy.  I am may just try the alka seltzer cold thing but I don’t know if that’s what’s wrong.  I may have to start up the CPAP machine again.  I have been sneezing too.

It was a beautiful sunny but cold day but it will only last another several hours as we are getting the snow after all for tomorrow.  I am planning on going in tomorrow but if it is really bad and I am not feeling good.  Then I will stay home.  The is a nor Easter predicted for Tuesday of next week.  I will see how it plays out before I commit myself to staying home or not.

Well this has been a week on the wild side.  Along with the raccoon there have been Bobcat sightings in the northern part of my town.  The normal warnings to not leave pets outside at night alone or any other time were in the article as well.




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