I really Don’t want to go out

I have been a wake since 5:30 and I had the news on for a while and the weather guy (Kevin Arnone) was saying how cold it is out there this morning. How cold it’s going to be all day. As it is the St Patrick’s Day parade has been rescheduled for next week. I suspect it will be just as cold next week as well. The snow is still on the ground but not the sidewalks and streets which is a good thing.

Today I am getting my hair highlighted or whatever you do to get rid of the gray hair again as it appears (which it hasn’t but it’s been a while since the first coloring). It won’t be as expensive as the first time. I have liked the reactions and compliments I have gotten since I did this.

While I am there I am going to the new pet store next to the salon. It was closed when I went last week. I want to be able to see what other dogs and animals they have. I tried looking them up and apparently the couple is from Branford.   Other AtoZ pet stores are out west. I believe in Oregon. The reviews were mixed (mostly positive). They were all family run. I actually think there are only one or two in that area. They do have a Facebook page.

After that I have to make sure I get a couple of gift cards for the upcoming baby “sprinkle” and a gift for my niece’s birthday party.   I still want to get to Dollar store and get the air fresheners. I go through these like freaking water.

Other than that I probably do some laundry and straighten up here and there before Livia comes this week. Which is good timing as I am having the 4th District coming this week.

The kitties have been very vocal this morning. OMG. From the time I got up and fed them until about an hour ago. Tiger went up to bed about 8 and Sky finally got quiet around 9.   He wanted to go into the cellar. I let him but by the third time I said no. He is worse than a dog who wants to go outside every five minutes and then comes back in. I don’t like leaving the door open all day long during the winter. It’s freaking cold down there!

I talked with Liz this morning.   I told her I talked with Nephew Chris. She was pleased. Now she is quiet…J

Okay I have to start getting ready…Have a great day…


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