I am all set

All the groceries I needed are bought and stowed.  I just have to gas the car up on the way home tonight and then settle in. I will need to bring in all the mats and small items on the front porch so they won’t get buried or blown away.  I have batteries, and I will charge my phone tonight before too long.  I may have to put the old garbage cans in the garage (they look stupid just sitting out there falling all over the place).

I have already told Supervisor not going to come in tomorrow or Wednesday.  I am hoping to get any and all checks mailed out by the end of the day.  I put the time requests in for it anyway.  By 11:40 I retracted *Bob rejected* it because we were notified that the school is closed until Wednesday 10 am.  So all I have to do is call again Wednesday.

I have checked in with my brother and my sister.  I have told them both that I would be staying home for the next two days and the University -preemptively will be closing the school.  Actually I may have told my sister that I was staying home but not J-actually I did while writing this.

Now that I have the next two days off I have every intention of catching up with my pen pal letters to Linda, Missy, and anyone else I have backlogged.  I know I won’t be able to get to the post office until Thursday but that’s okay.  I may even tackle the paint by numbers project I have.

Have I told you Sky loves my new hairdo?  Yep.  He was sniffing and smelling it for two days and then began to eat it.  *yuck*.  It made me laugh at first but then it started to hurt.  Well I guess I shouldn’t complain.  I wanted him to pay attention to me.  He has been sleeping at the foot of the bed for the last couple of nights.  Of course Tiger has slept in the office chair for the last couple of nights.  They seem to know when it’s time for bed.  If I don’t go up at my usual time they come looking for me and rubbing against my legs.  IF the wind is loud and fast I wonder if they will be spooked.  I have been watching Sky when he sits with me at night and he hears something and bolts to find out what it is and then he comes back.

Well there is about an hour and half left of the day and I still have work to do..


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