It feels Weird

It feels weird starting at 10 in the morning rather than at my normal 8 am.  However, it also felt good that I didn’t have to rush to get showered or dressed and I could catch more of my morning programs on TV.  As I was leaving I put the ice melt on because there was so much ice on the sidewalks.   I think it was already starting to melt the minute I dropped it on it.  I had to chop some more ice off the car and that took some time too.  I was able to leave by 9:30.   Now the day will go by very fast.

The roads were not bad at all until…I got to the city.  There were some icy patches here and there and I did slide a little but overall I didn’t have any troubles despite my inner fears.  I was in the office ten of and managed to get settled in.  Checking in with everyone.  I was quite surprised to see many come in who wouldn’t normally come in.

Now that this storm is over there is another in the forecast for the middle of next week and it doesn’t seem to be a large concern.  That may change.  Watch this will be the Storm of the year.  I am wondering with spring just a short few days away will we have more snow?  We have in the past.

As I think back to the past week it quickly becoming a distant memory.  It was fairly quiet except for some meetings and hair appointment and sister bonding time.

The rest of this week is going to be fairly active.  I have a couple of meetings left for the week.  The weekend brings an 80’s Theme birthday party and I haven’t a thing to wear! Even in the 80’s I didn’t exactly dress the part…more of preppy type other than that I was in jeans and shirts or sweat shirts



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