Beating myself up

It is only 9 am and I had all these plans to get things done by a fairly reasonable time. I am not even half way done. I hit the snooze bar a couple of times. One on the phone and gently on the head of Sky. Whom sat dutifully over me until I got up from the bed.

From the get go I fed the cats first and then headed to the sofa and laid on it for a little bit with the TV on. I finally got up and got online and have been moving the laundry a little bit. It is almost done. I finished yesterday’s entry and made it today’s.

Now I am going to watch the first hour of Gibbs March Madness in honor of the March Madness currently on. It will be on until 11? I will return to it later when I get back from shopping.

Shopping. I am planning on getting a couple of things at Macy’s to at least get somewhat in the festive for tomorrow. If I don’t find anything I like I will resort to a top, and sweater and jeans. I still have to get a gift for Cheryl. I also need a couple of cards.

We are supposed to get snow tonight but it looks like it might come earlier than planned. It looks like we will only be getting a dusting. It won’t matter because we still have a lot of snow on the ground.  

For the first time in years I made scrambled eggs in the micro. I had forgotten how easy it was to do. Mixing two eggs some seasoning a small amount of butter and a few slices (cracker size) on top and cover with wax paper and cook it for three minutes. Stirring before eating. I think it would be okay to spray the dish (a regular microwavable bowl) with cooking spray.

It is now just before Noon. I am almost finished with the laundry and I will be leaving to get the cards. I have decided not to get anything extra. My days of wearing costumes or fashions other than what I feel comfortable with is done.

The kitties are both sleeping. Tiger on the cedar chest and Sky under the blankets in the spare room.

Their latest delivery of food arrived this morning. I couldn’t believe how heavy they are. As I tried to find spot for them I couldn’t help think I am beginning to horde stuff. I probably could change the delivery dates on them but for now I am not because there will be a time where I won’t need to.

I got a couple of recalls from a dog food advisor. I am not happy to hear that one brand I use for the cats and the other I was consider using. IF you would like to know what they are you can find them on my Facebook and twitter feeds.



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