Getting behind again

I have two open entries that I haven’t finished. I have been trying to get the house ready for the meeting this Friday. Some things I have managed to get done like the garbage getting to the curb (I couldn’t do it last week because it was securely in the snowbank), managed to do some vacuuming,  There are other things I have put off until Thursday night. (It’s the bathroom-I figured if I do it then the cats are less likely to make a huge mess come Friday) . I did manage to move the folded clothes upstairs but the rest of the stuff will shove into the one hiding place (yes the washing machine). The cleaning stuff can go in the stairway to the cellar. I did make sure I was doing crossword puzzles though.

This past weekend was my Niece’s surprise birthday party and it was huge success. The only thing was I noticed there were pictures of everyone else who was there but none of me. I really thought I was over this but I am not as much as I would like. My youngest grandnephew (great nephew?) did get a picture of me but that was with my sister’s camera.

Work has been busy. Lots of refund checks and a couple of procedural changes in the mail dispensation.  We learned a coworker is currently on medical leave and so we are having fundraising to help her out.   There are raffles for theme baskets. I want to participate but my finances are a little strained right now. I have known this woman since began in in the department back in the day.

Tonight was the Dinner at the Beth-El Shelter. It was a huge success. A variety of international meals and of course lots of dessert. Again as we have had in the last couple of years a full house.

Tomorrow is my session with Debra. I am hoping we get to see each other.   We had to have a phone session last week. It just is the same feel to it. Then I have last minute things to do or get.

Friday is the District meeting. As far as I know we have seven people coming and one gust. They were told to let either Phil or myself know. This is just a pain in the ass. I am not planning much in the line of food. Sharon usually brings something and I have gotten a cake. I may have to get some chips and dips.

Mother Nature has been playing tricks on us this week. Giving us warm weather and sun at the beginning of the week and today winter conditions. Apparently I missed a snow squall. I hope it’s a little warmer this weekend.

The baby shower is this Sunday but I am hoping to have Saturday be letter writing day. I was given a little push by Missy in California last weekend.

Well the kittens are waiting for me to get to bed…so have a good night.



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