Today was the kind of day

Today is one of those blah rainy and cold days you would like to roll over and fall back to sleep. I almost did that this morning. I turned the alarm off patted Sky on the head (he was my furry snooze button). Went back to sleep until 6. Did our morning routine; then get ready for work. I managed to steal a few minutes on the computer.

I got to work exactly at 8 and jumped into the work. I did the EOB pulling/search and then got coffee and worked on the refunds all morning. We also had a fire in the building this time it was from one of the labs. If and when the time comes I want our new office to be in a building Lab free. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have gotten in the elevator and one of the lab rats is carrying something or pushing a cart with whatever on it. They are supposed to use the freight or service elevator. This discussion I had with one of my co-workers and we both agree and believe they should not use the passenger elevators. I also expressed my concerns with Supervisor and he seemed to understand and agree with me.

I had to recharge my cellphone that was left here over the weekend. It finished sometime after 1 and I had emails and text messages to catch up on. Must remember to do a check list before leaving for the day.

Lunch consisted of a shrimp burrito from downstairs I scoffed that baby up no problems. I also had my tomato and mozzarella salad for break. I have to remember to write everything down for my fitness pal daily log. I haven’t done it in over a week again.

Liz sent me some ideas for day or two day trips that we can take together. There is a whale watching trip, a trip to New Hampshire, and Broadway trips. I loved her ideas. I think the Broadway trips would be the best. There are a number of shows I would like to see but she also wants to see Lion King I believe.

We got an update on Cousin Rah and he started a new treatment that seems to be working pretty well as far as side effects seem to go. His brother Chuck went back home for now. Not sure when Chuck is coming back. I really would have liked to see him before he went. I guess it depends on Rahs’ health.

Cousin DL and her husband are heading north this week for their spring and summer visit. I am pretty sure they will do some travelling up here as well. I am not sure where. I am just as sure I will get to see them a few times in the next six months.

I may call it an early night and watch all the nature shows on PBS. There seems to be a lot of them.

Tomorrow I have the committee meeting and work only. I don’t have huge plans for the night except to watch NCIS.



I heard from Livia today and she asked if she could come tomorrow instead of today. What was I going to say? NO? Of course not. I can do a few more things that I would like to do before she comes.

I didn’t get my order yet I suspect it will be here tomorrow as it has been listed on my account. I think my next canned food order I am going to change the flavor (if that’s what you call it) and I may add a couple of new litter mats to the order.

The kitties was a little surprised I was home 30 minutes earlier than normal. They came down the stairs to greet me and get more kibble. They roamed around the house for a bit went to the cellar and then back up and now they are both upstairs. I took the opportunity to sweep up the floor and clean out the litterbox.

I reheated the two frozen lamb chops from earlier this month and they came out good. I am not really hungry since I had some yogurt and granola and coffee.

I put another load of laundry in the wash and dryer and will finish tomorrow. I know I need to empty the dishwasher but I am tired and this weather isn’t helping it at all.


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