We finally got some sun

After several days of rain, snow, and clouds we finally got some sun this week.  It will not be for long though.   IT is supposed to get messy Friday into Saturday (again).  We still need it parts of the state are still in drought mode. 

Last weekend was the baby sprinkle and it went well despite the usual underlying tension between family members.   There were a lot of beautiful gifts and clothes.  Even Big Brother Luca got some stuff as well.  The expected arrival of baby Girl S is on the 17th and apparently it will be C-section.  

The international dinner at Beth-El Shelter was a huge success.  As always a variety of different foods and desserts and of course a full house.  I believe some of the girls got a real Eye opening experience for their first time.  Our monthly meeting will be on April 3 instead of in two weeks (Its April vacation).  Later on in the month is the fashion show, we have some other activities going as well.

I do have some concerns as our season is coming to a close in two months. The future of the club is still up in the air and some decisions still need to be made.  My leader is currently job hunting in another state and has had several job interviews. 

I have a couple of meetings coming up this week and then the entire weekend almost to myself again.  This time I would prefer to be doing something other than crossword puzzles and Binge Watching TV.


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