Too Tired

I am so not going to move the rest of the night. I have been home just about 15 minutes from my session with Debra.   WE had a good session and as usual it went by too fast. Work was fine busy. The winners of the raffles were picked today and several from the office won (not me). Everything was fine. Worked mostly on refunds. Not a lot of mail.

I had a lot of coffee today only because I woke up at quarter of 4 this morning. I had some things on my mind and eventually let it go. I stayed in bed until the alarm went off and got up and did the normal routine. Once the kitties were fed I laid down on the couch and watched TV. I did get some internet time in before leaving for work.

I was supposed to go to the DTC but since I am too tired and didn’t finish the minutes from last meeting I am not going. I may finish them later or tomorrow.

I found out that Golden Corral is delaying their grand opening to another date. I don’t know the reasons even though I read the article on it. Something went wrong apparently..


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