April Fools Day 2017

Happy April fool’s Day. I am trying to come up with some witty prank that doesn’t sound pathetic and scare people and it isn’t happening. Well I told my brother I won the lottery and then said April fools…Wrote to my sister that I got a new kitten…She responded around lunch time…and she asked if I was joking and I told her of course. She was going to have a quiet day with the grandkids for lunch.

My day has consisted of computer surfing, eating and watching TV and of course playing with at least one of the kitties.

Sky was vocal about getting downstairs but I let him only a few times. He eventually went up to take a nap. Tiger came down and we spent time with each other. She also got vocal and I am glad because I found a hairball in the back. Clearly I gave her too many treats. Anyway she sat with me for a while and then eventually went back up to have a nap. I did join them for an hour. They both got up around 6 and have been ambling around. They are in the stairwell to the cellar.

The grocery delivery arrived shortly before 9. Yet again they were going to another neighbor’s house. This is starting to become a problem. I had my porch light on and I am standing out there. He didn’t see me until he got out of the truck. The number on my house is in script and fairly large enough to see at least I think.


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