My First Day of my Spring Vacation

It is the first day of my spring vacation and I nearly flooded the kitchen, bathroom and cellar. I have been up since 5:30 but been awake since 4:30. I was soaking some clothes and forgot to turn the faucet off and while I was showering it flooded the bathroom, kitchen and there is a huge (not a deep) puddle in the basement. I borrowed some extension cords from a neighbor and have the dehumidifier going. I opened the windows to see if that would help but closed them after an hour. The cellar floor is almost dry but still needs to more time. The kitchen floor is all dry in obvious places. The bathroom is dry too that I can see. It clumped the litter that was tossed on to the floor by the fur babes. I will have to clear out under the sink as well.

I have done some laundry including all the towels I used to soak up the water. I have more to do and will do it as the rest of the afternoon passes.

I dropped the car off a little after 7 and enjoyed the walk back. It was a bit breezy and a little sunny. Around 9:30 I got the call it was all ready and I went back to get it. I came back and had some breakfast and added to the already growing pile of dishes in the sink. No worries they are heading into the dishwasher soon.  

I delivered the birdhouses to the two elementary schools and had a little visit with her and then came home had lunch and then headed to the other school. It was a really short visit at that one.

I went to TJ MAXX and bought new bed linens for the guest room and that included a couple of new pillows (I am worried that the extra pillow cases I bought won’t fit). I put them up on the bed to be put on closer to Roberta and Michael’s arrival on Monday.

After that I went to the credit union (the teller was incredulous that I was not earning enough on my accounts) just deposit the freaking coin into the account please. I headed home after that.

Since I have been home checked the cellar and there was still some water on the floor. I called my neighbor to ask if I could still use her cords and they didn’t mind (they had other things occupying their time). Surfed the net and spent some one on one time with Miss Tiger. She is currently sitting above me on the sofa.

Cleaned the kitchen and restocked the dishwasher and will send it through before going to bed.  

I see LOTR second installment is on tonight you know I am going to watch it.




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